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We had a lovely 2 weeks & the hospitality was wonderful!
Lucas Family
To my other family:I have had a fantastic holiday with you all,I’m gonna miss you all so much.I will be back in June!Love you lots,
Mr. Tazz
Another fantastic stay!Made so welcome as always!Can’t wait to see you again next year!Love,
Graham, Jenny, Carla, Zara
Thanks for a lovely holiday!See you soon!
Irene & Keith
The word ‘Hospitality’ was invented at Cronulla!Great holidays!
Canlas & Tom
Cronulla:As always you have looked after us and made us very welcome.Another memorable holiday!Love you lads!
Paul & Val
Another fantastic holiday!Thanks for everything!
Sam, Andy, Natalie, Josh & Patt
Thank you for your hospitality.It made our holiday and made our stay at Cronulla memorable!
Tsioupra family
Thank you for a Great Time!
Mark& Scott
Another wonderful holiday!Thank you!
Julie & Tim
We want to thank very much to each of separate(reception, bar, kitchen staff, housekeepers) for a fantastic stay in the Cronulla Hotel.For each day spent with you and above all of the heart that they put in running this business for cordiality and everyone smile.We felt at home here and ...
Anna & Peter
A fabulous 1st time at the Cronulla!See you guys again soon!
Andy, Louise, Olivia , Isabelle